Mobile Automation Solutions
Components and systems for the road, railway and off-road sector
Technology and competence to provide solutions in transport applications

The transport sector is growing continuously and being driven by a demand for solutions that are increasingly complex and unique.

This growth is presenting significant social challenges i.e. the realisation of transport systems that are efficient, safe and environmentally friendly.

The resulting growth in the demand for energy, climate change and the increase in traffic, air and sound pollution all have a negative impact on local and global ecosystems.

More efficient public and private transport solutions are therefore essential to achieving the required long term sustainability.

The social challenges that face us can only be met through the development of innovative, technological and efficient solutions that minimise any negative effects on the environment and subsequently all of us as individuals.

Camozzi realized its own internal C_Transport department, in which technicians and Business Development Managers work in partnership with the client to study the applications, the working conditions which are often connected with environments characterized by extreme pressures or temperatures, in which external stress may affect the performances of the components.

Camozzi offers robust, reliable and efficient solutions which are suitable for operation in a wide range of environmental conditions. Our experience and expertise enables the development of solutions that are customised to meet each individual customer’s specification. These tailored solutions include the modification of standard components, the assembly of compact panels or the development of completely new components or mechatronic systems.


Safety and reliability of components and systems that comply with the international standards, assuring maximum comfort to passengers and drivers.


Robust and long life of specifically studied systems and components for:

  • Agriculture
  • Earth moving
  • Military
Off Road & Car

Modular mechatronic solutions with a compact design and components for braking systems and on-board applications.


Quality of mechatronic systems combined with the guaranteed efficiency of pneumatic systems for the handling of fluids on board.

Truck & Trailer

Reliability and easy in maintenance and practical in use characterize the integrated panels and systems for an efficient and safe automation.