Flexibility and precision

Camozzi offers a complete range of actuators that includes minicylinders and ISO profile cylinders which are compact, stainless, guided, rodless, rotary, integrated with position transducer and products for handling.

The entire range is completed with accessories for fixing, sensors, guides, brakes, rodlocks, shock absorbers and all that can optimize its use in a pneumatic circuit.

Innovative Technology

Control elements represent the core of a pneumatic circuit in which precision and reliability can make the difference.

Camozzi guarantees the best quality and efficiency thanks to pneumatic valves, solenoid valves and valve islands which are available in different sizes and with different flows to meet the needs of every sector. For applications that require accuracy, a quick response and optimization of control, a series of products have been developed with proportional technology for pressure, position and flow control.

Reliability and high performance

Often the efficiency of a pneumatic system depends on the air composition that enables the movement. It is therefore essential to use modular FRL units, that include filters with different filtering levels, with activated carbon, coalescing filters, regulators, lubricators, interception valves and soft start valves, derivation modules that Camozzi can provide in pre-assembled groups and together with accessories.

Experience and quality

The standard range includes rapid, super rapid and universal fittings together with accessories and quick-release couplings made in brass, technopolymer and stainless steel.

Camozzi’s product portfolio is completed with vacuum components, ideal where automated movement requires quality products, able to guarantee a perfect tightening over time.

Technologies to serve our customers

At Camozzi we are well aware that every application in the industrial automation sector has different and very specific requirements.
In order to be able to satisfy all clients, we have expanded our technological offerings by creating C_Electrics, the new department that is dedicated to the development of electric actuation, proposing solutions that include electromechanical cylinders and axes with auxiliary motors and accessory components, combined in configurable systems.


The C_Fluid control department, designing flow control solutions, was born from the experience and innovation of Camozzi.
The control and regulation of fluids, both in liquid and gaseous forms, requires increasingly sophisticated and technically advanced components as the applications become more and more demanding.


  • Micro_controls
  • General purpose
  • Process: control & regulation


  • Biotechnology
  • Medical device