By taking a multi-technology approach, Camozzi is able to analyse each individual application and develop solutions based on selecting the most appropriate pneumatic, electric or proportional technology.

This analysis is built on unrivalled expertise in product and technology specifications, and a thorough understanding of the functional characteristics of the specific applications.

Experience and reliability

The ability to combine the dependability of valves, actuators and pneumatic components, with precision control guaranteed by regulators and proportional valves.

The speed and precision in positioning offered by electromechanical cylinders and axes, optimising every movement with the performance required by each specific application.

These abilities are at the heart of the competitive advantage that Camozzi Automation is able to offer to its customers.

Quality and Precision

Camozzi’s solutions for the control of actuation and the management of different types of fluids include linear actuators and grippers, valves and solenoid valves, plus components for air treatment, connection elements, and vacuum systems.

Ongoing R&D in mechatronic solutions has led to the integration of sensors and diagnostic systems that are capable of processing information on the operating parameters of the system.

Speed and Flexibility

The C_Electrics division develops solutions that include electromechanical cylinders and axes with auxiliary motors and drives.

With a comprehensive range of accessories, C_Electrics products can be combined into various configurations providing users with the utmost flexibility.

To simplify installation and ease of maintenance, Camozzi has developed Qset.

Qset is extremely intuitive and efficient configuration software for electromechanical cylinders and axes, capable of identifying the ideal solution for the customer, based on the specific requirements of the application in terms of load, speed, and acceleration.