Camozzi India

Camozzi India has been inaugurated in January 2003 as the new branch office in this very interesting market. Our headquarters is situated in New Dehli whilst we have two branch offices in Mumbai and Bangalore. In total we count on a workstaff of 24 persons.

Our mission is to commercialise technically highly advanced products on the Indian market, offering integral solutions both to the industrial sector as well as the commercial and services sector in the pneumatic and electropneumatic field, securing the revenues of the investments of its shareholders and the sustained growth which guarantees its constant presence on the market.

For Camozzi India the continuous improvement of all its operational processes, increasing the quality of its manipulation and stock systems and the allotment of its products is part of the company's policy. This policy helps Camozzi to minimise the costs and its delivery times in order to totally satisfy the quality requirements of its clients.