Packaging Solutions
Components and integrated systems for packaging industry applications
Advanced solutions for food and packaging industry automation

The requirements of the food processing and packaging industry are evolving rapidly, with customers demanding higher levels of customisation, efficiency and flexibility from their machinery.

Camozzi has responded to this need with the creation of C_Packaging – a specialist division which brings together engineers and business development managers, working in partnership with customers to develop advanced solutions that will optimise all aspects of the operational life of machinery.

With over 50 years' sector experience and the ability to offer advanced actuation and fluid control technology, Camozzi is uniquely placed to offer its customers solutions that will enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their automation systems.

Control and handling technologies for every step of the production process.

Every operation on a packaging line has different requirements that are best satisfied with a specific technology approach, be it pneumatic or electric or the integration of both.

Pneumatic technology is widely used in packaging machinery as it is typically cleaner, lighter, more reliable and more compact when compared to other actuation technologies. Electromechanic actuation complements pneumatic actuation as it provides greater control over axis position, speed and acceleration. Camozzi’s range of standard products includes effective, reliable and efficient solutions that can operate in complex environmental conditions.

Camozzi can also deliver more complex, intelligent and customised systems that can increase productivity and reduce both the set-up time and cycle time of automated machinery.

Process & Primary Packaging
  •  Primary wrapping
  •  Fillers and dosing devices
  •  Ffs
  •  Cleaning machines
Secondary Packaging
  •  Carton erecting machines
  •  Wrapping machines
  •  Sealing machines
  •  Labellers
Tertiary Packaging
  •  Wrapping machines
  •  Palletisers
  •  Labellers
  •  Cartoning machines